Newmed Autoclaves

  • Motor-operated door closure with triple-protection, guarantees better safety, greater ease of handling and automatic regulation of the door.
  • Instantaneous Vaporizer outside the chamber allowing higher sterilization speeds and reducing water consumption.
  • Thermal Printer built into the machine to allow complete recording of the sterilization cycle.
  • USB output with memory stick included means no more paper, this is standard on all Newmed autoclaves.
  • Multi-language display easier for the operator to select the sterilization cycles, continuous control over the cycle phases and gives graphic indication of errors committed by the operator.
  • Stainless steel chamber made of a thick moulded one-piece stainless steel.
  • Twin tanks for clean and waste water drainage.
  • Connection to water demineralization connects to an RO unit direct so auto-filling.