Suction Units

Cattani suction units

Cattani ESAM (UK) Ltd supplies the UK and Eire dental trade with leading-edge, high-quality dental vacuum suction systems, compressors, amalgam separators, suction tips and adaptors, disinfectant and sanitising products.

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Cattani Turbojet Compact – (Single Surgery)

This is the perfect compliment to our Neodent range as the Nurse console suction tip (dry line) support is already Cattani. Couple this with the Spittoon valve automatically fitted to the Neodent range and they are the perfect partner. As with all Cattani suction units this one is fully compliant when it comes to amalgam separation.

Cattani TurboSmart – (Two – Four Surgery)

Turbo Smart is a powerful, variable speed suction system, with high airflow, for up to four surgeries simultaneously. It monitors the vacuum level and automatically responds to any change in use from the surgeries.

When a tip is opened, Turbo Smart speeds up to meet the extra demand. When a suction tip is closed, it slows down. The system adapts its speed to cope with the extra demand and when other surgeries are using the unit. The result is efficient and more constant suction.

One central separator negates the need for individual separator tanks in each surgery, thereby reducing costs, maintenance and cleaning. Turbo Smart’s IOS-18 Hydro cyclone is an easy to use amalgam retention system, designed specifically for this powerful and responsive machine.